Finnish politicians accuse EU and NATO of meddling in Finnish elections

New NATO-led hybrid centers in Finland have created ”Anti-Russian Iron Cage” for threatening Finnish citizens and meddling into elections, Finnish politicians say. In their opinion, new suspicious organizations, the NATO-led ”Mediapool” of the ”National Emergency Supply Agency”, and ”Center of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats”, a well-known NATO establishment in Finland, are actually targeting Finnish elections and voters in the interest of NATO. Member of the Finnish parliament from the True Finns Party, Mr Olli Immonen, protested recently that Facebook is targeting and pressuring Finnish voters and election candidates, not to criticize EU and NATO. Facebook is actively banning those, who run in next elections, and have patriotic or anti-NATO views. ”This problem is serious and not a coincidence”, Immonen said. ”We have to prepare that closer to the elections, banning gets more systematic”, he said. ”For me it is clear, that EU is via Facebook trying to meddle and influence national elections and silence dissidents”, Immonen concluded.

Experienced Finnish politician and a former MP, Mrs Pirkko Turpeinen-Saari, who is also a distinguished psychiatrist, agrees with Immonen. Finland agrees that USA and EU meddle in Finnish elections, Mrs Turpeinen-Saari wrote in her blog. ”Finnish government is allegedly countering Russian hybrid influence, and participates in full swing in the propaganda of USA, NATO and EU. The Finnish government even sent 100 officials to Harvard University, to study alleged Russian hybrid influence”, Turpeinen-Saari writes. ”In fact this means a daily neo-Nazi and racist anti-Russian propagandistic hysteria in the Finnish media. Nobody can escape this propaganda. Recently established Finnish NATO-led Mediapool unites all media into a collective, which cooperates with the new NATO hybrid center in Helsinki. This cooperation is very dangerous”, she added. ”Every citizen who is not representing his or her thoughts in accordance with these organizations [i.e. NATO Mediapool and NATO hybrid centre in Helsinki], are declared dangerous for Finnish national security”, she added. ”An anti-Russian Iron Cage of hybrid influence is already created for Finns. The NATO hybrid center is preparing for the next elections”, Turpeinen-Saari concluded.


  1. Kai NATOsta ja EUsta aika vapaasti saa kirjoittaa erittäinkin kriittisesti. Mutta jos niistä kirjoittaa riittävän tyhmästi, niin sitten voi tulla bannia = sellaisen raivon vallassa, että sanoja tulee kuin seonneelta, puukko kädessä heiluvalta psykopaatilta. Eli: asiallista EU-kritiikkiä, kunnolla ja pohditusti, kiitos. Sitä toivon, koska itse näen Suomen mieluummin EU:n ulkopuolella.

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