USA planning ”hybrid occupation” of Central Asia, military conflict and a new refugee influx to Europe

USA has launched a project called C5+1, of which mainstream media in EU is of course silent. C5+1 regards the cooperation of USA with five former Soviet republics, Kazakstan, Kirgizia, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenia and Uzbekistan. For ordinary EU citizen this means nothing, because these countries are distant in many ways. But conclusions should not be so quick.

The point is that USA wants to withdraw not only Russia and China, but also EU from the region. While EU economies are suffering from sanctions against Russia, EU is looking for new markets for their products in Central Asia. These markets with their 72 million consumers are quite profitable.

When C5+1 plan is realised, EU will be kicked out. But economic loss here is not the main thing. Bigger threat is in the dirty geopolitic game orchestrated by Washington.

C5+1 is nothing else than a new mechanism for controlling Central Asian economies, politics and societies by USA. The goal of this ”hybrid occupation” is to bring so-called ”color revolutions” into Kazakstan, Kirgisia, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenia and Uzbekistan.

Within the Project C5+1, there are already international working groups that control security, market and environmental issues including the usage of drinking water. Deficit of clean drinking water is one of the main problems of Central Asia, so organising a new ”Maidan” is not a problem. Just close the faucet.

Washington is preparing for Central Asia a massive ”controlled chaos” scenario for creating new violent conflicts. This is what USA was and is doing in the Middle East. A threat of terrorist attacks is included, from the neighboring Afghanistan, which is controlled by USA. In case of big military conflicts, influx of refugees would target Russia and China, but their borders are closed. EU has always opened doors for muslim refugees, so Germany, France and the Netherlands, should wait for a new refugee invasion.

Obama Administration created the C5+1 project, which is approved by Trump, and the Congress decided to launch the project with the financing of 15 mln usd. Central Asia can develop their foreign relations, but it should be done together with EU, Russia and China.


  1. Those countries are today under Russian control very much. Russian economy gains and those countries’ economy lose. If USA finds a way to get them under USA’s influence no difference, just an other master, but those countries may gain economically.

  2. Valtamedia ei kerro mitään asiasta… Eikä näköjään Nettiuutisetkaan asiasta mitään kertonut, käytännössä. Kirjoittaja loi vain kaikenlaisia salaliittohörhöspekulaatioita, mutta ei kertonut, mistä asiassa on kyse. Joten tätä juttua lukemalla ei viisastunut käytännössä yhtään…

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