Why European Union forgot the Holocaust?

The world is remembering the tragedy of the ”Crystal Night” 80 years ago, when Nazi Germany widely attacked their Jewish population. This became the opening for the worst crime in the human history – the Holocaust. Today, despite these tragic events, the German society and government have been able to create civilized relations with Russia, Israel and with those people, who became victims of Nazi crimes.

But there are two countries in European Union, which participation in the Holocaust is well known, but which carry on false history politics on governmental level. These countries are Poland and Lithuania. While Poland has forgot the crimes of Nazi collaborators, Lithuania is even glorificating them as heroes. But it is a shame that EU, as a community of countries most of which suffered Nazi occupation, is trying to distant itself from these problems.

The president of the Holocaust Foundation Mrs Alla Gerber says that it is stupid and miserable to deny the existence of Nazi collaborators in Poland and Lithuania. ”I understand all difficult problems of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. I understand their wounds. But these problems do not make these countries free and great. Their behavior is very stupid. How can a country, where Nazis where in power, deny the existence of Nazi collaborators?” said Mrs Gerber. She thinks EU is not touching this issue because of difficult relations with Russia. ”They mix this with Russia. The relations of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine with Russia are so complex that EU decided to have this kind of position, the position to be silent”, said Gerber.

Just to remember the witness accounts on the fact that most of the adiministration of the concentration camps was carried out by Poles, who did not hide their detest towards Jews. One example is the 1942 manifest by Zofia Kossak-Szczucka, the leader of the underground organization ”Poland Revival Front”, who considered Jews as the political, economic and ideological enemies of Poland. In Lithuania, from the other hand, the national hero Adolfas Ramanauskas, was a Nazi collaborator, who in 1941 was organising Druskininkai Getto and in 1942 deportation of Jews to Treblinka in Polish territory.

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